Writing Sample: Youth Mystery

I wrote this as a submission in consideration for a position as a game writer for the game High School Story. My writing sample concerns the introduction of a new character to HSS. Arthur is a smart guy who wants to become a detective when he grows up. He fancies a good mystery in everything he does. His introduction follows below:


One afternoon, you, Payton, and Julian are sitting and chatting in the bleachers of the football field.

Payton: Chirp! Ooh, a new question for @AskPayton!

Player: Is it love troubles? Academic problems? Social woes?

Payton: No, this is more… a rumor I guess? The question is, “Have you heard the moaning that comes from classroom 1337? Someone did the Charlie challenge in there and now people have been hearing sounds.”

Julian: …g-g-ghost? Julian shivers.

Player: You look a bit pale Julian. What’s wrong? Ghost got your gullet?

Julian: My what? The ghost doesn’t have my anything!

Payton: Except your fear.

Julian: Whatever!

Player: Hahaha well anyway, we should go check it out to make sure it isn’t something serious, assuming there really is a moaning sound at all.

Julian: Yeah… You do that.


You and Payton make your way over to the classrooms and find the one from the tweet.

Payton: Well, we’re here, room 1-3-3-7.

Player: After you milady.

Payton: Why thank you good sir.

You and Payton sit down at desks next to each other.

Player: You really think there’s a ghost… named Charlie?

Payton: No, I don’t believe in that… Wait, shh!

A soft moaning can be heard faintly.

Player: What’s that?!

Payton: I don’t know. Maybe it’s a stray cat. Or maybe it’s a… why is that wall panel moving?!


Player: It can’t really be Charlie, can it?!

Payton: Of course not! But what if it’s a wild animal?!

The panel falls forward onto the floor. A cloaked figure emerges from the shadows.

Payton: O-M-G!!!

The figure begins to look up at you, covered in an ashy haze of dust and dirt. Its black hair barely peaks out of its hood. Suddenly it sees your faces and starts!

Ghost: Ah!

Payton: AHHHHHHHH!!!

Player: AHHHHHHHH!!!


Stranger: WAAHHHHH! Don’t do that!

Player: Wh-who are you?!

Stranger: I’m Arthur. Who are you?

Payton: We’re Payton and Virgil. What were you just doing?

Arthur: I was investigating the rumors of moaning Charlie. What were you two doing in here? Wait… Oh, sorry to intrude…

Payton: Oh no, no, nothing like that! We’re here for the same reason! Did you find the ghost?

Arthur: About that…

Arthur is a student who’s seriously into detective work. Check out the All Stars section in the store to admit Arthur to your school and unlock special quest lines discovering all of its mysteries!

Writing Sample: Mystery

I wrote this as a submission in consideration for a position as a writer/mission designer for the game Criminal Case. It is a Facebook and mobile game tasking players to investigate crime scenes in order to find clues as to the culprit(s) of various crimes.


Dispatch: 911 Dispatch, what is your emergency?

Unknown Caller: There’s a dead man down by the docks.

(click, line goes dead)

Dispatch: Can you give me more information? Hello? Hello…



Unknown Caller: You’re an easy person to find Deputy [Player].

Jones: And you’re a hard one to find. (whispers to player) We’re tracing the call now.

Unknown Caller: Don’t bother trying to trace this call… Jones is it? This signal is bouncing through more locations than a wanted criminal.

Jones: You hear that Deputy [Player]? This one has a flair for irony.

Unknown Caller: Funny you should say that Jones, IRONy. (hangs up)

Jones: Did you notice how the suspect emphasized the word irony? What am I saying, of course you did. Irony… irony… I got it! The old ironworks! You need to go investigate the factory. Oh and deputy, be careful. This may be the most dangerous perp we’ve ever faced…



Jones: I can’t believe this! We’ve got evidence that makes no sense and a description that no one fits!

Grace: Calm down Jones, the evidence must be the key; but we’re just not seeing the connection.

Alex: Yeah but no matter how you spin it, whoever did this was meticulous. Considering the conflicting evidence, the killer might have intentionally planted all of it. And that level of precision may be the most ominous quality of the murderer.



Unknown Caller: I’m almost impressed Deputy. You’ve come closer than any before you… well, perhaps that was because there have not been any before you. I’m just another ghost no one believes in. But like any ghost, I have unfinished business. I’ll be seeing you Deputy… (click, hangs up)