This is a blog of my activities on my game design journey. As I move through design projects, I will chart my journey: decisions my team and I have made, reasoning, retrospective analysis, etc. I hope it will provide an interesting cross section of my experience as a designer, as well as a reference for my future consultation. This is an ongoing personal pursuit.

Dishonored: An Analysis of the Opening Story

Excerpt from a paper I wrote analyzing my first time playing Arkane Studios’ Dishonored™ on PlayStation™ 3

A story within a story – “Dunwall Tower: You have just returned from a journey of several months, visiting the other nations in the Empire to ask for aid in dealing with the Rat Plague. You must deliver their diplomatic response to the Empress, whom you serve as Lord Protector.” These are the first words I see upon selecting “New Game.” As of yet I have no name, yet I already have quite a clear depiction of who it is I am in the story. I am a protector, a messenger, a journeyman, a diplomat, and I live in a world of hierarchy. In addition, I have a vague understanding of the encroaching menace of plague. I am left to wonder at tales of my journey through the other nations, or even my path through birth, childhood, and adolescence; yet, I find such thoughts a distant past which quickly drift away as I face an uncertain and near future. All this begins my part in the larger story of a man’s life in a capital city called Dunwall.

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