Writing Sample: LoL Announcements

These writing samples are tributes to a game series I enjoy: League of Legends. This text is a complete work of (fan) fiction.

The Prophet of The Void has heard the voice of Icathia once again. By its command, he delivers 3 champions to its dark secrecy. From the dark god within comes forth Icathian Ryse, Morgana, and Orianna!

Zilean’s search for a cure has created a fracture in time. Ekko and Aurelian Sol have disappeared from existence. Ao Shin has descended from the skies while Averdrian has crawled out from the ground below. These lost creatures wander The Twisted Treeline, as it is torn asunder by a Vilemaw and Ebonmaw struggle begun anew.

Dr. Mundo has caged 3 champions in order to subject them to his insane experiments. Weeks of pain, torture, and chemicals have given rise to beastly abominations seeking only the death that Dr. Mundo so enjoys. It is from his twisted mind that Limitless Warwick, Alistar, and Volibear spring forth!

Heimerdinger, Corki, Rumble and Ziggs have been commissioned to work together on a new secret military project for Piltover in their quest to eliminate Zaun. Their combined minds have given birth to a new type of wearable techmaturgy. Piltover has selected three campions to purge Valoran of Zaun. Pneumatic Caitlyn, Jayce, and Vi fly forward!

She felt the pain of tortured souls in the shining city walls. She knows that her people will soon join them. The rise of Azir has left Taliyah with no choice. Together with Ezreal, who is all too keen to travel with this cute girl, she must find Xerath. Only he knows the ascension ritual of millennia past. If only she knew Xerath’s true intentions…


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