Writing Sample: Morrigan’s Mementos

I started this project as a writing exercise, as well as a tribute to a game series I have come to love: Dragon Age. This text is a complete work of (fan) fiction, based off of Bioware’s Dragon Age universe, and the character Morrigan as described in Dragon Age: Origins.

The idea is to recount Morrigan’s experiences [SPOILER ALERT] in the alternate dimension she entered at the conclusion of the Witch Hunt DLC. These accounts are based on my playthrough, i.e., The Warden (a Dalish warrior named Archon) fully romanced Morrigan, impregnated her, and entered the Eluvian portal with her. This project is ongoing.

Cairn One

“Then come, my love. We will face the future together.” These were my final words before turning to face the portal, a doorway to another realm beyond even the Fade. That the Hero of Ferelden would deign to join me in a step of faith, a choice for which even I did not have full understanding, was testament both to his foolish nature and his confounding love. The Hero of Ferelden raised his hand to gently caress the threshold for which I had gone to great lengths to activate. Ripples spread from his touch as my mind followed the crescents of their waves. Past, present, future… and the role our son will play in it… I must prepare our son for what lies ahead. With a slight smile in acknowledgement of my stubborn companion, I stepped into the Eluvian, into a new world that man shall never know.

Cairn Two

It was a few moments before my eyes adjusted to the dimly lit path stretched out before me. It was a few moments more before I realized just how quiet it was. As my eyes expanded to analyze the world around me, they failed to capture an image of my companion. So much of this world and its gateway remained a mystery to me. Could it be that it had not allowed passage to Archon, ending his existence as we made our transition? Or had it decided to deposit him in a different aspect of space and time in which we may never again meet? Such lugubrious questions present from his absence would do me no service now. I must go forward and rejoin my son.

Cairn Three

Existence was very different in this place. The air seemed so void of aether, and yet I continued to breathe. My body felt lighter than a babe’s, yet sensed a constant pressure from the environment. My feet glided across the ground with every step I took, continuously returning to the soft embrace of the ever-shifting haze that formed an ethereal film over the terrain. I had walked this path less than the count of a hand, yet I somehow always seemed to know where I was going. It was as though my connection to my son was strengthened almost to the point of tangibility in this realm. I experienced a fleeting wish of such a link with Archon, that I might find him and lead him to my son. Oh how I loathed the weakness of such wistfulness.

Cairn Four

Time passes differently here, in that one can never be certain if time passes at all. There is no sun looking down upon all of creation, no moon calming the terrene below it. I was only just beginning to appreciate the dandling light that such celestial beings shared with a world that gave nothing in return. Here the environment bandied its own effulgence about, a muted exchange of fluorescence… though I must admit the wonder at some of the colors I see here. Visions of chroma without names… phon, torque, and legato… were I to stop and think about it I would actually appreciate the allure.

Cairn Five

I arrived to a light cough as I reached my child. It seems some of the aether had drifted into something of a blanket around him. What was this odd sensation tingling in my chest as I cast my gaze upon this helpless creature? And could it be that an actual smile flitted quickly across my face before I could even recognize it? I knew the importance of this child to the future and yet in that moment all I cared about was the present. I slowly walked over and placed my hand atop his heart. I could feel the telltale rhythm of vitality coursing through his little veins, so calm and steady. Such was his power to steel my resolve; and so the process of his upbringing began.