EA OCCO: Jelly Pirates in Space

Team Legato & ThunderEgg (Collectively The Vanguards)

Collaborators: Sudhanshu Aggarwal, Chih-Wei (Jerry) Chen, Chong Hu, Christian Karrs, Michael Lee, Rahul Nagarkar, Xin (Zinc) Ning, Xinyu (Lillian) Qian, Akshay Ramesh, Jimin Song, Goksu Ugur, Meng-Hua (Julia) Wu, Wanyan (Aurora) Zheng

Timeframe: January 2015 – May 2015

As my final semester project at the Entertainment Technology Center, I worked with Electonic Arts’ Office of the Chief Creative Officer under the direction of Richard Hilleman. Working as two remote teams, we created a cooperative, a-synchronous, shoot-em-up for players who don’t fall in the category of “core gamers”. Using simple mechanics that allow for an easy-to-learn and fun experience, we designed the game to appeal to children ages 8-12, as well as their parents. Through this approach we created a game that offers fun for the whole family! For more information, please visit our website.

Roles: Game Designer, Sound Designer, Producer

My contributions:
– Designed game with 3 others (including creation and maintenance of design documents)
– Design document can be viewed HERE
– Composed original soundtrack
– Created and curated all sound effects
– Integrated all audio assets into Unity3D using Audiokinetic Wwise™
– Production, e.g., tasking, scheduling, support, communications (internal/external), etc.
– Remote team management
– Wrote and published weekly newsletters, as well as maintained a team blog
– Created promotional video content
– Created and maintained project website

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