Project allo – Entry 4

This is our second design idea. Using the basic mechanics of pool and applying our multi-player bouncing jellies, 2-4 players engage in a chaotic race to get the most balls into the pockets. After pocketing all of the regular balls, The Crazy Eight ball will appear and begin chasing the nearest player. All of the players must work together to pocket The Crazy Eight; however, they can only hit it safely from behind, lest they be consumed. If the players successfully pocket The Crazy Eight, the players who remain alive get bonus points. If they all get eaten, then the winner is determined by his/her score from pocketing the normal balls.

Bouncing Billiards

This prototype was designed in response to the failures of our first prototype. Though the implementation of that prototype was flawed, the idea of bouncing around as jelly elicited numerous positive responses. As a result we made a simple game that gives players the full freedom to bounce around. Though they each share the same objective, they can go about achieving it in different ways: skill shots of knocking balls into pockets, getting last touches on balls that have been hit by other players, or just launching themselves into other players to prevent them from scoring. Several faculty particularly enjoyed bouncing into and knocking each other around. The feedback from this prototype inspired our third prototype.