SCEA – PDSG Music Department

This is a short compilation of projects that I worked on during my time at Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC as a music intern. I edited the video clips to make this reel as well as the music and vocal cues contained within it. The song used during the latter half of the video is a cue I worked on that was implemented into inFAMOUS: First Light.

This video contains visual and audio content owned by Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC and Sucker Punch. I am a former employee of SCEA; however, I am not and have never been an official spokesperson for SCEA. I do not represent the company. As such, this video is not an official SCEA release. I contributed to the development of the interactive entertainment software depicted and the audio content contained within the video; however, I do not claim ownership of any content contained in this video. The content is in the public domain and is not necessarily representative of the final products. It is uploaded for the purpose of portfolio display only.