1908 Ford Model T Cabriolet

As part of Carnegie Mellon University’s Master of Entertainment Technology curriculum, Introduction to Maya is an elective course where students learn and practice the fundamentals of three-dimensional modeling in Autodesk Maya (2014).

Timeframe: January 2014 (1 week completion time)

The following was our first assignment (and my first ever 3D model): to pick a Ford Model T and build it in Maya using less than 1000 triangles. I used the following schematic for my model:


I sculpted the body first (starting from the carriage) and then did the sideskirts.


I originally intended to use toruses for the wheels; however, one wheel alone was over the 1000 triangle limit so I settled on a 7-sided pipe for the most cost-effective, yet aesthetically satisfactory shape.

Model T Tire Test

The final product is shown below.

Model T Final