CMU ETC: Building Virtual Worlds – Trinity Tower Defense

As part of Carnegie Mellon University’s Master of Entertainment Technology first-semester curriculum, Building Virtual Worlds is a course where students work in interdisciplinary teams to create interactive worlds every two to three weeks.

Collaborators: Jimit Bhalani, Gabriel Burgess, Prajwal Manjunath & Hannah Turner

Given 3 weeks and a 5-person team, we created a 3-player tower defense game that tasks guests with defending the portal to Heaven from the demons that have escaped from Hell by exorcising them. We created the game using the Cave Automatic Virtual Environment platform consisting of 3 screens forming an open box, and a pneumatic floor that could rise, fall, and tilt.

My contributions:
– Compiled and edited all SFX and VOX using Audacity and Adobe Audition
– Recorded narrations using Pro Tools, edited in Audacity
– Created opening and closing (win & loss cases) screens using Adobe Photoshop & Premiere

Timeframe: November – December 2013
– SFX completed over a period of 1.5 weeks
– NPC (non-player character) VOX completed over a period of 2 hours
– Narration VOX completed over a period of 2 hours
– Respective Title, Credits and Losing screens completed over a period of 1.5 hours