CMU ETC: Building Virtual Worlds – Curiosity

As part of Carnegie Mellon University’s Master of Entertainment Technology first-semester curriculum, Building Virtual Worlds is a course where students work in interdisciplinary teams to create interactive worlds every two to three weeks.

Collaborators: Lisa Elkin, Eric Kron, Liu Kuang-Hsin & Prajwal Manjunath

Given 3 weeks and a 5-person team, we created an interactive experience where the player assumes the role of Curiosity, the NASA rover currently exploring Mars, in a story where its connection to NASA is severed and it must find a purpose for itself. This experience was created for the Cave platform, a 3-screen immersive experience with a pneumatic floor which we utilized to simulate the rover’s motion across the landscape for the player.

My contributions:
– Original soundtrack composition, original instrument recorded and edited using Adobe
– Compiled and edited all SFX using Audacity and Adobe Audition
– Narrative design

Timeframe: November 2013
– Original soundtrack pieces completed over a period of 5 hours
– SFX completed over a period of 2 hours


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