As part of Carnegie Mellon University’s Master of Entertainment Technology first-semester curriculum, Building Virtual Worlds is a course where students work in interdisciplinary teams to create interactive worlds every two to three weeks. Given 1 week, I applied a completely new soundtrack to the provided Mirror’s Edge 2 trailer video. The trailer video was provided without audio.

My contributions:
– SFX compilation and editing
– VOX compilation, acting/recording, and editing
– Music curation

Timeframe: September 2013 (1 week)
– SFX procurement and editing completed over a period of 5 hours
– VOX recording and voice acting completed over a period of 1 hour
– Editing and video integration completed over a period of 4 hours

This video was made strictly for academic purposes. It contains footage owned by Electronic Arts, Inc via EA Digital Illusions CE. I do not claim any rights to or ownership of said footage. This video is not to be used or reproduced for commercial use. I am not an employee of the product developers and do not represent the company. As such, this video is not an official EA DICE release. The content contained in the video is not necessarily representative of the final product. It is uploaded for the purpose of portfolio display only. This video also contains audio content that is copyrighted by Walt Disney Records. I do not claim any rights to or ownership of said audio content. Please support the creators by purchasing “Solar Sailer (Pretty Lights Remix)” as part of the “TRON: Legacy Reconfigured” soundtrack, available at all major online retailers.