Study Buddies

As part of the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Computational Media undergraduate program, Interaction Design is a course that teaches students about digital media design and tasks them with rapid prototyping of new media and products.

Collaborators: Ivory Assan & Hung Lac

Given 3 weeks and a 3-person team, we created a prototype application designed to facilitate studying between students. Study Buddies is a Ruby on Rails web application that would allow students to create and join study sessions with other students whom they might not otherwise be able to study with.

My contributions:
– Programming Ruby on Rails and HTML using TextWrangler, Xcode, and Adobe
– Pitch video narration

Timeframe: November 2012
– Brainstorming/conception completed in 24 hours
– Site and application design completed in 3 hours
– Programming completed in 1 week
– Pitch video narration completed in 2 hours

Pitch Video:

Application Architecture:

StudyBuddies Architecture