Project Synesthesia

As part of the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Computational Media undergraduate program, Experimental Digital Art is a course that tasks students with created various nonfiction digital media/art projects and installations.

Given 2 weeks, Project Synesthesia is an installation I created that is designed to translate audio input into visual output. To do so, it reads audio from the designated LineIn (my laptop’s built-in microphone by default but can be connected to external microphones) and briefly displays corresponding “sound droplets” in the applet’s viewing window. The size, color, and brightness of these circles are directly proportional to the frequency and volume (amplitude) of the sound read. The location of the droplets within the window is calculated randomly.

Timeframe: November – December 2012
– Brainstorming/conception completed in 2 hours
– Programming completed in 6 hours

The project write-up is available here.